The Four Telltale Signs Of Burnout

You’ve likely experienced burnout at some point in your career—a sense that you are overwhelmed, struggling to feel a sense of professional accomplishment or efficacy, and lacking support and empathy from those around you. In the past couple of years, many of us have seen up close the symptoms of burnout in our colleagues, and may even have felt them ourselves: low energy or exhaustion or feeling negatively or disconnected from one’s job.

How to manage stress

Warning: The Goal Isn’t To Eliminate Stress

In my work with executives and managers across industries, I often hear stories about people feeling as though they’re teetering on the edge of a breakdown, more commonly called burnout, from extreme or chronic stress. All too often, they’ll imagine that the solution is to eliminate stress as much as possible. I absolutely understand the need to avoid burnout, but eliminating all stress should not be the goal.