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“An honor to meet Carey Lohrenz today at Dell World. I’m inspired by your story!”

Michael DellFounder and CEO of Dell

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to have Carey speak at our event last week! We were honored have Carey at our final executive education session for 2015. She is so down to earth, amazingly inspiring, and beyond engaging! She has the seamless ability to connect her military experience with leadership in the business world.  As I’ve returned to the workplace more than one person has quoted her in various settings; from “80%” to ‘If you lose sight, you lose the fight’ and many others. I highly recommend her as a speaker and feel privileged to have met her! She Rocks – Go Fearless Leadership!”

Diane KriegerAVP, HR/L&D Bethpage Federal Credit Union

“Vixen rocked! I just wanted to thank you for all you did to make our meeting inspiring and fantastic. I personally thought you did a great job connecting with everyone, and your story is inspiring, and your lessons very appropriate for all we are going through.

Yesterday one of my VP’s was giving a presentation, and the title of it was ‘Lose sight, and you lose the fight’ And he gave you full credit for the quote!”

Dan SchulmanCEO PayPal

“Carey was AMAZING!  So much of what she said resonated with our organization.  Her story is inspiring, her message applies to everyone, and her ability to engage the audience with a story is great!  Additionally, she is a true professional, easy to work with, and fully committed to making sure the client has a good experience…  Thank you!”

Kirk GuthrieExecutive Director, Talent, Saatchi & Saatchi

“You were so authentic, energetic and passionate that your insights gained from military service and leadership roles were received very, very positively by those who attended the Weikel Leadership Speaker Series last Friday. Taura and I appreciate how you prepared and customized a message for our audience. Plus, it is always awesome to have a UW alumna back on campus during Homecoming. A special thank you for your willingness to spend time with some of our MBA women in advance of the Weikel.

Every single woman who attended was grateful for the tips, ideas and examples. I kept hearing that message over and over during the Weikel reception, at the Homecoming tailgate on Saturday morning at a reunion event on Saturday afternoon and this morning in the hallway! I hope that we’re able to stay in touch and welcome you back again in the future. On Wisconsin!”

Blair Nelson SanfordAsst. Dean, Fulltime MBA Program Wisconsin School of Business – University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Carey Lohrenz was great.  She was so charming and her talk was incredibly on point.  Her story resonated with the students, and she touched on the key points that we try to communicate to the students on a daily basis…that it takes a diverse team to accomplish a successful task,  that there are lessons learned from failure, and finally lessons in tenacity and resilience.  Now that she herself has a kid in college, she was really able to relate to the students.”

Monetta C. EdwardsCMP Assistant Director Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics Boston College

“Carey Lohrenz’s keynote was fantastic! Her high energy delivery and actionable content had an impact on all of our franchisees. Carey has the unique ability to delivery content within a story that changes the way our franchisees think about leadership, innovation and helps catapult them into a new way of thinking about their business.

She took the time to learn about our market, our business, and our customers and what it will take to succeed in the future, which made for an impactful presentation for both our existing franchisees and our new franchisees.”

Damon DavoudpourDirector of Marketing, Shoney’s Restaurants

“We were honored and delighted to have Carey speak to a group of 350 of our leaders. Her straightforward and engaging style, combined with the quality of her content that had multiple linkages to a variety of issues, was very well received. She’s a total pro and I highly recommend her as a top-flight speaker!”

Bernard SnowDirector, St. David’s Healthcare

“After nearly a year of talking with Carey, last week I was able to arrange for her to speak at our company’s National Sales Meeting. Her ability to communicate and inspire a room full of corporate veterans was exceptional, extraordinary, prodigious, and first-class! As if it isn’t enough that Carey has a remarkable story of persistence with the U.S. Navy as an F-14 aviator, she is able to use those experiences to encourage and motivate others to achieve, recognizing there will be hurdles, but demonstrating that success is always within reach for those with the fortitude to chase their dreams.

I would recommend Carey as a speaker to a wide variety of audiences – you’ll be happy you did!”

David LoveDirector of Marketing at Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories

“Very nice to meet you and thanks for being part of our National Sales meeting. The feedback was terrific. Your presentation helped make our overall event a ‘huge’ success!”

Brien McMahonRadian Executive Vice President & Chief Franchise Officer

“You were amazing and your presentation at our Hollywood Conference, was the best ever. Thanks for your dedication and professionalism as it was magnificent!”

Perry MillerRegional General Manager GARDAWORLD

“Carey, thank you so much for presenting at DEAM13 and giving us your testimonial. BOTH were fabulous! We would love to continue the relationship in our joint effort to support and employ veterans and transitioning military personnel. Thanks!”

Lis DennisMarketing Manager, DirectEmployers Association

“How do I begin to thank you all for the enthusiasm, gusto and passion that you brought to our conference and all you did to ensure its success? Judging from all the wonderful comments we are receiving from our attendees, you really stole the show! I can assure you that lots of folks will be receiving copies of  Fearless Leadership in their Xmas stockings.

What a story you have to tell and what a role model you are. You seem to make all things possible and are really making a difference in the lives of all you touch. You open their eyes to hope and a future they might never have explored. I don’t think anything can equal that feeling of promise and accomplishment.”

Barbara C. WorthDirector of Strategic & Private Development, Association for Learning Environments

“I can’t begin to tell you how great you were, or how much positive feedback we’ve gotten on your presentation. You were clearly the star of the show. Absolutely amazing! And a wonderful person, to boot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you—for saving us, for being so fantastic, for being such a genuinely nice person. Carey Lohrenz = Wow.”

Vincent ValvoCEO Agility Resources Group

“Often I find myself to be the youngest and the only woman in the board room. Thank You! This was the session I was most looking forward to at Women’s Foodservice Forum 2013 and you exceeded my expectations! I am inspired and EMPOWERED! “

Lindsey DrakeSales Training & Development Manager, Sysco Corporation

“Thanks so much for participating in our “One Team” National Sales Conference in Phoenix. Your speech to our group was very well received and resonated especially well around the concepts of Teamwork, Leadership & Accountability, and Developing Trusting Partnerships.  Your experiences and ability to translate them to our industry and our company’s goals and challenges truly inspired and empowered our team to achieve reach our own great heights. I’d be happy to serve as a reference if you are ever in need of one”

Nicole DelimitrosLincoln Financial Group

“What an inspiration! My biggest takeaways were about taking risks, standing your ground and tenacity! Your presentation was by far the most compelling and touching, thank you!”

Melanie BilodeauBarilla

“Wow! You were so inspiring and gave me great takeaways I can use with my team: Staying Focused on What Matters, Be Flexible, Adapt, Overcome, and Find my Third Way! You were captivating! So fascinating and yet relatable to MY world! Thank you”

Angie UnderwoodDistrict Manager Starbucks Coffee Company

“Carey Lohrenz was the keynote speaker for WICT Greater Philadelphia’s annual Tech It Out event held on September 6, 2012. Tech It Out’s mission “TechKnow” was a full day seminar designed to educate, inspire, empower and advance the roles of women in technology. Carey Lohrenz was brilliant and inspiring in her passionate remarks to open and close the day’s events. She kept the audience’s attention entirely on her messages of dreams, perseverance and overcoming barriers.

The audience was left with a feeling of hopefulness that if she was able to overcome all of the extreme challenges she had to face, that we also can overcome whatever challenges come our way as well. One of my favorite quotes from Carey is that “your dreams may be deferred or derailed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after them.” I would highly recommend Carey Lohrenz to be a speaker for any event targeting men or women where you want the audience left feeling wowed and inspired to focus on their personal or career goals.”

Kristina ChangPast-president, WICT Greater Philadelphia, 2010 – 2011

“A wonderful presentation from a truly inspirational pioneer! I plan to bring a wealth of leadership knowledge back to my teammates. Thank you for serving our country!”

Stephanie WilliamsBrinker International/Maggiano’s

“We had a wonderful Staff Development Day “Sky’s the Limit” on Monday and staff have absolutely RAVED about Carey Lohrenz. Carey – Thanks for providing us with a highly entertaining yet extremely insightful afternoon. You have led an amazing life and yet you continue to propel yourself forward. How much farther can you go? I can’t wait to see…Sky’s the Limit!”

Lorie GeorgesonTraining Manager

“Carey Lohrenz’s presentation Lessons in Partnering- A View from the F-14 Tomcat at our Amdocs Partner Summit was exceptional! Right now I need to  “Embrace Challenge and Experience Success” in new territories around the globe.  I will definitely need to Break Out of My Comfort Zone and Be Fearless! I never thought about fighter pilots as being part of a team.  Your keynote speech showed how important collaborating and teamwork was in order to survive- we can do this too! We can be good wingman!  Without  teamwork, neither myself or my new strategic partners will be able to achieve our goals… Thank you!!!”

Doron AngelDirector, AMDOCS

“Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz spoke to 300 school administrators at our annual leadership conference. Her engaging presentation was chock-full of information about how to strategically align teams for success. Talk about polished and professional! She had so much information to share with our school leaders – we are already finding ways to bring her back for additional all-day sessions with our leaders so they can dive deeper into her military-based strategies to create winning, effective teams. Vixen is caring and sincere & thrives on excellence and helping others reach their full potential. We were fortunate to have her with us.”

Adam PalmeseOrange County Public Schools Leadership Conference

“I want to thank you so much for your Leadership Keynote at our annual broker summit! You were FANTASTIC! I have heard nothing but praise -a definite job well done!”

Stephen F. ElkinsDirector, Client Development

“FANTASTIC!!! You continue to impress us all with your knowledge, wisdom, and yes, resilience! Thanks so much for sharing and teaching us this evening!! Really, really outstanding presentation!!”

Jane BrattonEWI, Executive Women’s International

“I have known Carey Lohrenz for a few years and have seen a few “shorts” of some of her presentations. So when the time came to develop our speaker roster for our 2012 Summits on Operational Excellence in the EU, she was at the top of the invite list. I can say without reservation that it was a very wise choice that I made. She was engaging, provocative, dynamic, yet humble. She made everyone in the room contemplate their own “comfort zones” and challenged all to stretch beyond. We even used some of the techniques she conveyed immediately afterwards at our Managing Directors workshop to great success.”

Joseph ParisCEO, XONITEK EU Operational Excellence Summit

“Thank you for delivering such an outstanding training program for us! Informed and inspired. It was awesome.”

VP of Marketing RMI

“Your presentation was THE top rated session for the entire conference. Could listen all day. Left motivated!”

Director of Technical Programs PMPA

“Well done. I believe those who participated were able to take away many practical applications. I think you truly inspire those you coach to face their lives with intention, integrity, and courage, regardless of their circumstance.”

Lynne ShafferCEO

“Thank you so much Carey for the best presentation I have ever experienced at a convention. You are so inspiring and the entire audience was captivated and moved by your words and overall message. It was a privilege to meet an American Icon in person and I will remember the experience for a lifetime!”

Brad CannadayNational Accounts Sales Manager

“I have been booking speakers for the Northwest Arkansas Business Women’s Conference for nearly two decades and we have had some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the recording industry, and sports join us as keynote speakers, but Carey Lohrenz proved herself worthy to be at the top of the A-list for speakers. Carey’s unique perspective coupled with her charm, spirit and forthrightness  allowed her to tell a story that can speak to men and women in any setting. Her experiences translate easily into a motivational message for those in the boardroom, on the court or in every-day life.

Carey addressed an audience of over 1,000 women ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to stay at home moms and everything in between, and she left everyone in attendance feeling energized, motivated and ready to take on the world.

From an event coordinator’s standpoint, Carey is a dream to work with. She was gracious, flexible, and went above and beyond to help us make the experience for our attendees unforgettable. But she makes it really hard to plan for the next year, because following in those footsteps will be no small task!”

Krista KhoneVice President, Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce

“Carey, Thank you for presenting at SAS Global Forum last week. Your keynote was fantastic, the audience came away inspired, and so did I. The pleasure was all mine.”

SAS| Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Oliver SchabenbergerExecutive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, SAS

“Having read her book and knowing her story of courage and tenacity, I had a profound respect for Carey as a woman and a leader before she ever took the stage. The theme for Q2 Connect 17 client conference was ‘Delivering Today, Shaping Tomorrow’ and Carey’s keynote did an amazing job of bringing that into focus for Q2 and our clients. Her story is nothing short of uplifting and inspirational and her focus and teachings gave everyone some great lessons in leadership they can easily apply in their lives every day like: ‘Great teams always embody two qualities: belief and trust’ and ‘Banish your limiting beliefs. Make the decision to act in spite of being afraid’ that could be heard from clients throughout the conference and echoed across social media.

Carey gave us great food for thought, made us laugh a little and gave us an opportunity to pause and reflect as we endeavor every day at Mach speed with our clients in a partnership to strengthen communities by strengthening their financial institutions.”

Lorrie SchultzSVP Marketing Q2ebanking

“Carey was the absolute highlight of both conferences I attended.  Her passion and energy, along with her story telling, captivated the audience.  Her advice on leadership and teamwork, especially given her experiences, were authentic and impressive.  I would highly recommend Carey for any conference and plan to invite her again for a different audience in the future.  She was outstanding!”

Raytheon | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Judy DurkinVP, Financial Planning and Analysis, Raytheon

“Carey was absolutely wonderful! She signed all 200 books that we purchased in the green room before her talk. It was seriously impressive. Her presentation got rave reviews – it was the highest rated session of our entire leadership conference. The beginning of her presentation starts with a video, and the lights in the room went totally dark. I got goosebumps!

Many people mentioned Carey as the highlight of the day in their anecdotal feedback. She was awesome. I really appreciate all of the work that you did to help us get the books on time. Every participant went home with a signed copy, and it really made for a special giveaway.”

Intel | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Christine BarrowsOperations Manager, Intel

“Carey’s perspective on Fearless Leadership was a phenomenal addition to our 1.5-day leadership summit for 250+ Tech Executives from across the globe. Her talk was one of the top-rated sessions with attendees describing her message ‘outstanding,’ ‘superb,’ ‘inspirational,’ and ‘highly relevant.'”

Intel | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Lori WilsonProgram Manager, People & Diversity, Intel Corporation