What’s Within Your Span Of Control?

What’s Within Your Span Of Control?

You’re used to thriving in a high-pressure, high-performing business environment, but what happens when there’s even less time, even more stress, a workplace that has grown more chaotic, and goals that seem more complicated and difficult to achieve? If you’ve felt the extra pressure of rapidly changing circumstances, economic upheaval, and increased limitations on your day-to-day activity, you’re not alone.

How to Face Adversity Improve Your Resilience and Bounce Back Stronger | Carey Lohrenz

How to Face Adversity, Improve Your Resilience, and Bounce Back Stronger

Who else has learned a thing or two this year about adversity and resilience? Some of us haven’t seen friends or loved ones in months. Maybe your travel plans have been torpedoed for the foreseeable future. Perhaps your “office” is now a tiny, cramped corner of your bedroom, while your kids learn remotely at the dining table. Maybe you’ve even lost your job thanks to the pandemic or the downturn in the economy. And, if you’re like me, the presidential election probably had you gnashing your teeth for months…

Why Your To-do List is Ruining Your Productivity | Carey Lohrenz

Why Your To-do List is Ruining Your Productivity

As a society, we are spread too thin and stressed out. There are too many emails. Too many Zoom meetings. Too many tasks and demands on what is seemingly a never-ending to-do list that is running your productivity. When we try to do everything, and be everything to everyone at once, we can’t really focus on anything. We kill our own productivity, we experience burnout, and worst of all, we miss out on life’s enjoyable moments.

Five Ways to Build a Positive Mindset That Supports Success | Carey Lohrenz

Five Ways to Build a Positive Mindset That Supports Success

Building a positive mindset in times of uncertainty and chaos, is critical to your ability to not only survive, but thrive. Ever have one of those days when everything was going well, and then one negative moment sends you spiraling? Have you laid awake at night dwelling on all the criticisms you received instead of the compliments? Heck, even turn on the news, and all the bad stuff makes headlines while good news is practically just a footnote.

How to Lead even when you don't have a title | Carey Lohrenz

How to Lead (even when you don’t have a title)

How do you lead when you don’t have a title? You don’t have to be a C-suite executive or top brass to be a great leader. Leadership begins when you believe you can make a difference, you gather the courage to step up, and then take action.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen over and over again how effective leadership skills can become stunted by our fears and perceived limitations about ourselves.