Five Ways to Build a Positive Mindset That Supports Success

Building a positive mindset in times of uncertainty and chaos, is critical to your ability to not only survive, but thrive. Ever have one of those days when everything was going well, and then one negative moment sends you spiraling? Have you laid awake at night dwelling on all the criticisms you received instead of the compliments? Heck, even turn on the news, and all the bad stuff makes headlines while good news is practically just a footnote.

How to Lead (even when you don’t have a title)

How do you lead when you don’t have a title? You don’t have to be a C-suite executive or top brass to be a great leader. Leadership begins when you believe you can make a difference, you gather the courage to step up, and then take action.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen over and over again how effective leadership skills can become stunted by our fears and perceived limitations about ourselves.