Leadership by Example

Leadership by Example, It’s Not Just for the Military By Carey Lohrenz Organizations that have enjoyed extraordinary success,  have leaders that have led by example. “Ductus Exemplo” is Latin, translated “Lead by Example”. The concept is foundational to how United States Navy officers are trained to lead. This motto is also prominently displayed at the…

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Unlocking Excellence: The Power of Accountability for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

As leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners, the journey to success begins with a crucial realization: we are our own limitations. It’s not external factors like the economy, government, bosses, colleagues, or family that hold us back; it’s ourselves. The key to achieving extraordinary results lies in accountability —the unwavering commitment to take responsibility, drive results,…

Carey Lohrenz- F-14 Tomcat Pilot- Keynote Speaker - Author - aviator- female fighter pilot

From Fading to Thriving: The Secrets to Maintaining Relevance with Courage, Tenacity, and Integrity

In a challenging economic environment, remaining relevant to your customers and within your organization is critical to your survival.

Maintaining relevance has become a make-or-break challenge for organizations in the ever-evolving landscape of business and innovation.

Those who fail to deliver value to their consumers, shareholders, clients, and teammates risk extinction.