“Thanks so much for participating in our “One Team” National Sales Conference in Phoenix. Your speech to our group was very well received and resonated especially well around the concepts of Teamwork, Leadership & Accountability, and Developing Trusting Partnerships.  Your experiences and ability to translate them to our industry and our company’s goals and challenges truly inspired and empowered our team to achieve reach our own great heights. I’d be happy to serve as a reference if you are ever in need of one”

Nicole DelimitrosLincoln Financial Group

“Often I find myself to be the youngest and the only woman in the board room. Thank You! This was the session I was most looking forward to at Women’s Foodservice Forum 2013 and you exceeded my expectations! I am inspired and EMPOWERED! “

Lindsey DrakeSales Training & Development Manager, Sysco Corporation

“I can’t begin to tell you how great you were, or how much positive feedback we’ve gotten on your presentation. You were clearly the star of the show. Absolutely amazing! And a wonderful person, to boot.

Thank you, thank you, thank you—for saving us, for being so fantastic, for being such a genuinely nice person. Carey Lohrenz = Wow.”

Vincent ValvoCEO Agility Resources Group

“How do I begin to thank you all for the enthusiasm, gusto and passion that you brought to our conference and all you did to ensure its success? Judging from all the wonderful comments we are receiving from our attendees, you really stole the show! I can assure you that lots of folks will be receiving copies of  Fearless Leadership in their Xmas stockings.

What a story you have to tell and what a role model you are. You seem to make all things possible and are really making a difference in the lives of all you touch. You open their eyes to hope and a future they might never have explored. I don’t think anything can equal that feeling of promise and accomplishment.”

Barbara C. WorthDirector of Strategic & Private Development, Association for Learning Environments

“Carey, thank you so much for presenting at DEAM13 and giving us your testimonial. BOTH were fabulous! We would love to continue the relationship in our joint effort to support and employ veterans and transitioning military personnel. Thanks!”

Lis DennisMarketing Manager, DirectEmployers Association

“You were amazing and your presentation at our Hollywood Conference, was the best ever. Thanks for your dedication and professionalism as it was magnificent!”

Perry MillerRegional General Manager GARDAWORLD

“Very nice to meet you and thanks for being part of our National Sales meeting. The feedback was terrific. Your presentation helped make our overall event a ‘huge’ success!”

Brien McMahonRadian Executive Vice President & Chief Franchise Officer

“After nearly a year of talking with Carey, last week I was able to arrange for her to speak at our company’s National Sales Meeting. Her ability to communicate and inspire a room full of corporate veterans was exceptional, extraordinary, prodigious, and first-class! As if it isn’t enough that Carey has a remarkable story of persistence with the U.S. Navy as an F-14 aviator, she is able to use those experiences to encourage and motivate others to achieve, recognizing there will be hurdles, but demonstrating that success is always within reach for those with the fortitude to chase their dreams.

I would recommend Carey as a speaker to a wide variety of audiences – you’ll be happy you did!”

David LoveDirector of Marketing at Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories

“We were honored and delighted to have Carey speak to a group of 350 of our leaders. Her straightforward and engaging style, combined with the quality of her content that had multiple linkages to a variety of issues, was very well received. She’s a total pro and I highly recommend her as a top-flight speaker!”

Bernard SnowDirector, St. David’s Healthcare

“Carey Lohrenz’s keynote was fantastic! Her high energy delivery and actionable content had an impact on all of our franchisees. Carey has the unique ability to delivery content within a story that changes the way our franchisees think about leadership, innovation and helps catapult them into a new way of thinking about their business.

She took the time to learn about our market, our business, and our customers and what it will take to succeed in the future, which made for an impactful presentation for both our existing franchisees and our new franchisees.”

Damon DavoudpourDirector of Marketing, Shoney’s Restaurants