“I have known Carey Lohrenz for a few years and have seen a few “shorts” of some of her presentations. So when the time came to develop our speaker roster for our 2012 Summits on Operational Excellence in the EU, she was at the top of the invite list. I can say without reservation that it was a very wise choice that I made. She was engaging, provocative, dynamic, yet humble. She made everyone in the room contemplate their own “comfort zones” and challenged all to stretch beyond. We even used some of the techniques she conveyed immediately afterwards at our Managing Directors workshop to great success.”

Joseph ParisCEO, XONITEK EU Operational Excellence Summit

“FANTASTIC!!! You continue to impress us all with your knowledge, wisdom, and yes, resilience! Thanks so much for sharing and teaching us this evening!! Really, really outstanding presentation!!”

Jane BrattonEWI, Executive Women’s International

“I want to thank you so much for your Leadership Keynote at our annual broker summit! You were FANTASTIC! I have heard nothing but praise -a definite job well done!”

Stephen F. ElkinsDirector, Client Development

“Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz spoke to 300 school administrators at our annual leadership conference. Her engaging presentation was chock-full of information about how to strategically align teams for success. Talk about polished and professional! She had so much information to share with our school leaders – we are already finding ways to bring her back for additional all-day sessions with our leaders so they can dive deeper into her military-based strategies to create winning, effective teams. Vixen is caring and sincere & thrives on excellence and helping others reach their full potential. We were fortunate to have her with us.”

Adam PalmeseOrange County Public Schools Leadership Conference

“Carey Lohrenz’s presentation Lessons in Partnering- A View from the F-14 Tomcat at our Amdocs Partner Summit was exceptional! Right now I need to  “Embrace Challenge and Experience Success” in new territories around the globe.  I will definitely need to Break Out of My Comfort Zone and Be Fearless! I never thought about fighter pilots as being part of a team.  Your keynote speech showed how important collaborating and teamwork was in order to survive- we can do this too! We can be good wingman!  Without  teamwork, neither myself or my new strategic partners will be able to achieve our goals… Thank you!!!”

Doron AngelDirector, AMDOCS

“We had a wonderful Staff Development Day “Sky’s the Limit” on Monday and staff have absolutely RAVED about Carey Lohrenz. Carey – Thanks for providing us with a highly entertaining yet extremely insightful afternoon. You have led an amazing life and yet you continue to propel yourself forward. How much farther can you go? I can’t wait to see…Sky’s the Limit!”

Lorie GeorgesonTraining Manager

“A wonderful presentation from a truly inspirational pioneer! I plan to bring a wealth of leadership knowledge back to my teammates. Thank you for serving our country!”

Stephanie WilliamsBrinker International/Maggiano’s

“Carey Lohrenz was the keynote speaker for WICT Greater Philadelphia’s annual Tech It Out event held on September 6, 2012. Tech It Out’s mission “TechKnow” was a full day seminar designed to educate, inspire, empower and advance the roles of women in technology. Carey Lohrenz was brilliant and inspiring in her passionate remarks to open and close the day’s events. She kept the audience’s attention entirely on her messages of dreams, perseverance and overcoming barriers.

The audience was left with a feeling of hopefulness that if she was able to overcome all of the extreme challenges she had to face, that we also can overcome whatever challenges come our way as well. One of my favorite quotes from Carey is that “your dreams may be deferred or derailed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after them.” I would highly recommend Carey Lohrenz to be a speaker for any event targeting men or women where you want the audience left feeling wowed and inspired to focus on their personal or career goals.”

Kristina ChangPast-president, WICT Greater Philadelphia, 2010 – 2011

“Wow! You were so inspiring and gave me great takeaways I can use with my team: Staying Focused on What Matters, Be Flexible, Adapt, Overcome, and Find my Third Way! You were captivating! So fascinating and yet relatable to MY world! Thank you”

Angie UnderwoodDistrict Manager Starbucks Coffee Company

“What an inspiration! My biggest takeaways were about taking risks, standing your ground and tenacity! Your presentation was by far the most compelling and touching, thank you!”

Melanie BilodeauBarilla