“Carey’s perspective on Fearless Leadership was a phenomenal addition to our 1.5-day leadership summit for 250+ Tech Executives from across the globe. Her talk was one of the top-rated sessions with attendees describing her message ‘outstanding,’ ‘superb,’ ‘inspirational,’ and ‘highly relevant.'”

Intel | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Lori WilsonProgram Manager, People & Diversity, Intel Corporation

“Carey was absolutely wonderful! She signed all 200 books that we purchased in the green room before her talk. It was seriously impressive. Her presentation got rave reviews – it was the highest rated session of our entire leadership conference. The beginning of her presentation starts with a video, and the lights in the room went totally dark. I got goosebumps!

Many people mentioned Carey as the highlight of the day in their anecdotal feedback. She was awesome. I really appreciate all of the work that you did to help us get the books on time. Every participant went home with a signed copy, and it really made for a special giveaway.”

Intel | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Christine BarrowsOperations Manager, Intel

“Carey was the absolute highlight of both conferences I attended.  Her passion and energy, along with her story telling, captivated the audience.  Her advice on leadership and teamwork, especially given her experiences, were authentic and impressive.  I would highly recommend Carey for any conference and plan to invite her again for a different audience in the future.  She was outstanding!”

Raytheon | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Judy DurkinVP, Financial Planning and Analysis, Raytheon

“Having read her book and knowing her story of courage and tenacity, I had a profound respect for Carey as a woman and a leader before she ever took the stage. The theme for Q2 Connect 17 client conference was ‘Delivering Today, Shaping Tomorrow’ and Carey’s keynote did an amazing job of bringing that into focus for Q2 and our clients. Her story is nothing short of uplifting and inspirational and her focus and teachings gave everyone some great lessons in leadership they can easily apply in their lives every day like: ‘Great teams always embody two qualities: belief and trust’ and ‘Banish your limiting beliefs. Make the decision to act in spite of being afraid’ that could be heard from clients throughout the conference and echoed across social media.

Carey gave us great food for thought, made us laugh a little and gave us an opportunity to pause and reflect as we endeavor every day at Mach speed with our clients in a partnership to strengthen communities by strengthening their financial institutions.”

Lorrie SchultzSVP Marketing Q2ebanking

“Carey, Thank you for presenting at SAS Global Forum last week. Your keynote was fantastic, the audience came away inspired, and so did I. The pleasure was all mine.”

SAS| Keynote Speaker | Leadership Expert | Carey Lohrenz | Fearless Leadership | Span of Control | Author | Aviator
Oliver SchabenbergerExecutive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, SAS

“I have been booking speakers for the Northwest Arkansas Business Women’s Conference for nearly two decades and we have had some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the recording industry, and sports join us as keynote speakers, but Carey Lohrenz proved herself worthy to be at the top of the A-list for speakers. Carey’s unique perspective coupled with her charm, spirit and forthrightness  allowed her to tell a story that can speak to men and women in any setting. Her experiences translate easily into a motivational message for those in the boardroom, on the court or in every-day life.

Carey addressed an audience of over 1,000 women ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to stay at home moms and everything in between, and she left everyone in attendance feeling energized, motivated and ready to take on the world.

From an event coordinator’s standpoint, Carey is a dream to work with. She was gracious, flexible, and went above and beyond to help us make the experience for our attendees unforgettable. But she makes it really hard to plan for the next year, because following in those footsteps will be no small task!”

Krista KhoneVice President, Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you so much Carey for the best presentation I have ever experienced at a convention. You are so inspiring and the entire audience was captivated and moved by your words and overall message. It was a privilege to meet an American Icon in person and I will remember the experience for a lifetime!”

Brad CannadayNational Accounts Sales Manager

“Well done. I believe those who participated were able to take away many practical applications. I think you truly inspire those you coach to face their lives with intention, integrity, and courage, regardless of their circumstance.”

Lynne ShafferCEO

“Your presentation was THE top rated session for the entire conference. Could listen all day. Left motivated!”

Director of Technical Programs PMPA

“Thank you for delivering such an outstanding training program for us! Informed and inspired. It was awesome.”

VP of Marketing RMI