“Having read her book and knowing her story of courage and tenacity, I had a profound respect for Carey as a woman and a leader before she ever took the stage. The theme for Q2 Connect 17 client conference was ‘Delivering Today, Shaping Tomorrow’ and Carey’s keynote did an amazing job of bringing that into focus for Q2 and our clients. Her story is nothing short of uplifting and inspirational and her focus and teachings gave everyone some great lessons in leadership they can easily apply in their lives every day like: ‘Great teams always embody two qualities: belief and trust’ and ‘Banish your limiting beliefs. Make the decision to act in spite of being afraid’ that could be heard from clients throughout the conference and echoed across social media.

Carey gave us great food for thought, made us laugh a little and gave us an opportunity to pause and reflect as we endeavor every day at Mach speed with our clients in a partnership to strengthen communities by strengthening their financial institutions.”