“I have been booking speakers for the Northwest Arkansas Business Women’s Conference for nearly two decades and we have had some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the recording industry, and sports join us as keynote speakers, but Carey Lohrenz proved herself worthy to be at the top of the A-list for speakers. Carey’s unique perspective coupled with her charm, spirit and forthrightness  allowed her to tell a story that can speak to men and women in any setting. Her experiences translate easily into a motivational message for those in the boardroom, on the court or in every-day life.

Carey addressed an audience of over 1,000 women ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to stay at home moms and everything in between, and she left everyone in attendance feeling energized, motivated and ready to take on the world.

From an event coordinator’s standpoint, Carey is a dream to work with. She was gracious, flexible, and went above and beyond to help us make the experience for our attendees unforgettable. But she makes it really hard to plan for the next year, because following in those footsteps will be no small task!”